Luxury and supermarket mince pie taste test – and the winner costs less than £2

Luxury and supermarket mince pie taste test – and the winner costs less than £2

Time to feast your mince pies on these festive favourites as boxes of the tasty treats hit the supermarket shelves.

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful flavour combinations this year but do they actually work?

Whether you’re a purist who will only eat traditional mince pies or you fancy something with a flavour twist then I’ve got it covered after putting 20 to the ultimate taste test.

Here’s the verdict.

Irresistible All Butter Pastry Luxury Mince Pies (6), £2.25, Co-op

Rich, buttery and crumbly pastry that’s the perfect thickness and packed with a delicious fruity filling with just the right hint of booze.

Specially Selected All Butter Mini Mince Pies (12), £1.99, Aldi

Utterly perfect mounds of crumbly pastry and tasty fruit. It was impossible to stop after only one, two or even three. Melt in the mouth and ideal for squeezing in after a hefty Christmas dinner.

Essential Shortcrust Mince Pies (6), £1.25, Waitrose

The absolute best value for money. The pastry was perfection and the filling was juicy with fruit that exploded across your tongue. An added plus is this one is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Extra Special Extra Indulgent Mince Pies (4), £2.50, Asda

A boozy rich pie with extremely moist fruit encased in a rich, silky pastry. A little over-flavoured with the spices after the first two bites but an OK pie overall.

Deluxe All Butter Mince Pies (6), £1.75, Lidl

Perfectly formed, looked like a work of art. Pastry is crumbly and rich and just the right thickness. Filling was a little runny but tasted delish.

Finest All Butter Pastry Mince Pies (6), £2.25, Tesco

This one was filled to the brim but it was super sweet and a little dry. It needed something to help it out a bit. A touch of cream worked a treat.

The Best Deep Filled Mince Pies (6), £2.25, Morrisons

Looked homemade with chunky pastry that was a little too thick, but tasted good. Filling was moist, very fruity but needed a pinch more spice and booze.

Collection Mince Pies (6), £2.50, Marks & Spencer

Pretty, simple and packed with mouth-watering filling – lots of plump fruit and a zesty and boozy hint but not overpowering, just delightful.

Taste the Difference Mini Mince Pies (9), £2.25, Sainsbury’s

Good ratio of perfect pastry to spicy, fruity and tasty filling. Guilt-free at 98 calories each – ideal if you don’t want too much of a good thing.

Luxury All Butter Mince Pies (6), £2, Iceland

Pretty with lots of filling. Pastry was crumbly and the perfect thickness but not much flavour. Mincemeat had a nice citrus flavour and the tiniest hint of booze.

Heston Pear & Fig Mince Pies in Triple Cheese Pastry (6), £3.50, Waitrose

Expensive but divinely different and a treat for those in the family who don’t like traditional mince pies. The cheesy pastry works perfectly with the pear and fig which resembled a sweet chutney.

Cookie Cup Mince Pies (4), £2.50, Marks & Spencer

Plate up and you could pass off as homemade with the chunky top. Pastry is sweet, chewy, crunchy
and very moreish. Good, juicy and spicy filling.

Finest Chocolate Orange Crumble Topped Mince Pies (6), £2.25, Tesco

For non-pastry lovers and the younger members of the clan. Not the prettiest, a bit like a squashed Rice Krispie cake, but get past that and it’s a chocolatey delight.

The Best Billionaire’s Chocolate Tarts (4), £2.25, Morrisons

A flavour twist that really works with the filling mix of mincemeat, salted caramel and chocolate butter cream.
A treat for the taste buds.
Chocoholics will love it.

The Best Sticky Toffee Pudding Mince Pies (4), £2.25, Morrisons

A good pastry with generous amount of filling. Lower mincemeat layer was lovely and juicy, nutty topping was good but sponge layer tasted strange.

Taste the Difference Gingerbread & White Chocolate Blondie Pies (4), £2.25, Sainsburys

Festive, cute gingerbread person finish. Tasty pastry with a touch of ginger, filled with a gooey caramel layer and white chocolate and sweet almond layer.

Taste the Difference Frangipane Mince Pies (4), £2.25, Sainsbury’s

A perfect treat for almond lovers who don’t like too much mincemeat in their pies. The frangipane topping works really well with the mincemeat layer.

Extra Special Irish Cream Liqueur Mince Pies (6), £2.25, Asda

A creamy topping is the dream partner for the luscious fruit. The Irish Cream flavour isn’t overpowering, and they are not too sweet. They are so moreish it is just as well Christmas only comes once a year.

Specially Selected Millionaire Mince Pies (6), £2.29, Aldi

Oozing with chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnut filling this is a seriously sweet morsel. Packed to the brim and the buttery shortbread is a delicious mouthful.

Irresistible Golden Chocolate & Hazelnut Tartlets (4), £2.50, Co-op

Dinky little pies with yummy chocolate pastry that’s light, crispy and filled with a melt in the mouth chocolate delight with crunchy nut topping.