Add These Places to Your Bucket List For Your Next Winter Vacation

Add These Places to Your Bucket List For Your Next Winter Vacation

It’s winter in India, and aren’t we already planning our vacations? Local and international visitors spend their money on the best places to visit in winter on India’s snow-capped mountain peaks, tropical beaches, vast plains, and warm deserts.

So here we are with some of the best places to visit.

Starting with Kanya Kumari, considered one of India’s most beautiful beach places, located in the south of India, it’s the centre of attraction for tourists due to its blue water and black-white shores. The place eventually turns prettier in winter.

If you want to enjoy the sun, sand, and cold nights with sea waves throughout the day, you should not miss Gokarna Beach, which is especially popular for its sunsets.

Then comes, Varkala Beach located in Kerala, which is known for its beauty and serene environment. Here you can also enjoy diving and underwater adventures.

Kovalam Beach in Kerala can also be a very special destination during the winter season. This place has been a favourite tourist destination in India for decades.

Goa ranks first among the most popular beaches in India. And loved by the youth. The beaches here are famous for blue water, excellent food, nightlife, and parties.

India’s largest and most beautiful beaches are present in Andaman and Nicobar. A view of the distant blue sky and blue sea during the day, while a wonderful moment to gaze at the starry sky at night

If you want to spend a luxury holiday, make a plan for Lakshadweep. The beach here is considered the best beach on the planet. Here you can enjoy scuba diving, speed boating, shopping, and many more things.